Is Volleybros Even a Sport?

M. Grabowski and M. Brinton

Volleybros was a huge event last week, but some people think these boys aren’t real athletes. I know, sounds crazy right? Well, I’m here to prove that these boys played a sport last Thursday. 

Volleybros could be perceived as a hobby to some of our student body considering that none of the boys who competed actually play volleyball, and that there were no practices for the tournament. However, the definition of a sport according to is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” This is exactly what happened at the Volleybros Tournament! Teams competed with Matthew Pickovers team coming on top. An interview with the winning captain further proves my point,”Is volleyball a sport, then why isn’t Volleybros a sport?” When I asked Pickover if Volleybros was harder than regular volleyball he goes on to say,”It is, a little because we have 4 people instead of 6.” Another great member of the winning team, Cody Cross, said, “It’s kind of like men’s volleyball but in high school, a short little competition.”

If you refer back to the definition previously stated it also said a sport was a competition for others entertainment. So, what’s a better way to prove that Volleybros is a sport than by talking to some of the audience members? Emma Ludiena says, “I enjoyed Volleybros and seeing my friends compete and end up winning.” 

If Volleybros is a sport, shouldn’t it be a school seasonal sport? Just like any other sport, they have a team, they have games, but the only difference is that they don’t have practice. If we were to make men’s volleyball a seasonal sport, the chances of practice occurring are high, considering men’s college volleyball does it. Just like Cody Cross said, having high school men’s volleyball can be a gateway to college men’s volleyball. It also opens up the opportunity for scholarships and educational opportunities for multiple people who have the inability to pay for college, and allow people to bring their knowledge from out of school sports inside the school. 

The boys worked hard and will continue the tradition through the years of the school. The sport could change at Green Level, and will open up opportunities for multiple people. Efforts should be made for the sport to become seasonal, and start to gain practices.