Gators’ Out of School Activities


M. Brinton

Students enjoy their after school activities

 It’s a common occurrence to ask a friend to make plans only to hear, “sorry, I have something after school.” We don’t think much of it, but what are those “after school” activities students have here at Green level? 

The five most common after school activities for American students include sports, volunteering, music and arts, school clubs, and lastly, tutoring. Can we find Green Level students who participate in these activities, and what diversity of activities is there here at our school?

The most popular after school activity is sports, so besides the sports we have here at Green Level, what do our students do? Some of our Gators do sports that aren’t even found within our school, such as rowing. Ayla Lamb, a freshman, says “I practice 5 days a week, and only have about 2 hours when I get home.” 

Although some people participate in sports similar to those we have at school, they are often more competitive outside of school, just like Bella Cathell, class of 2023. She explains to us, “I am on a competitive cheer team, as well as playing golf and tennis, I cheer for 4 days a week, golf 30 minutes a day, and tennis for an hour. Although I usually finish my homework at school, I would usually have only an hour at home for homework.” Another similar response to this is Tyler Napier, class of 2022. He says “I play soccer, and I practice an hour and a half every night, but I don’t usually don’t do homework.”

Not all things people do outside of school are sports. Yasine Soussi, for example, participates in Cary Teen Council. He says “Although I only do one to two hours a week, it can affect my schoolwork if I let it, because sometimes I’m a really heavy procrastinator.” 

Overall, extracurriculars take time out of things such as school work and personal time, but develop social skills and sports skills important for our health and developing friendships. It may seem like you’re cramming everything in, and only practices bad habits, but only helps implement time management and learning to balance work and personal time, something everyone struggles with.