Gators Lose Tight Game in OT

With fractions of a second left on the clock,  Sophomore Charles Oates stood behind the freethrow line. Students stomped their feet in the bleachers, players and coaches clasped their hands in anticipation: if he made these two shots he would carry his team into overtime. He made the first one, 39-40. One more to go. It’s in! The Green Level bench and students section erupted in cheers. The Gators and the Unicorns are going into overtime. 

The clock resets to four minutes, and the players line up for the tip-off. This is their chance to take back the lead. However, the Gators were not able to push through to the end and the game ended in an unfortunate loss to start the season. 

We asked Freshman DJ Oates about what he thinks went wrong at the end of the game. He said, “It was the referees’ cheap call and we cracked under the pressure.”


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