What is Student Council?

As a brand new school, Green Level High School established its first Freshman and Sophomore student council. You might be wondering, what do they do and how do they benefit our school? We decided to interview one of the advisors of Student Council, Mr. Rogers, to find out more.

Mr. Rogers said that “Student council is an important club for our school. It’s a good way for students to participate in service projects and collaborating in the best way possible to help out their class. Members get to represent the needs of their class along with contributing to school spirit. As the students of student council are representing the needs and wants of their class, this gives them a good opportunity to make decisions important decisions as a representative of their class.” Student Council is a way to maintain a positive environment and relationship between members of the community. 

Deeya Kadam, the Secretary of Freshman Council, told us that “I really enjoy it and love being such a big part of the school,” she says. As Secretary, she feels a certain responsibility to be the voice of the Freshman class, and so that’s exactly what she’s doing. “It’s certainly important because if we don’t speak up for what we want as a class, nobody will.” Kadam highly recommends for more students to take part in Student Council and helping our school out.