Green Level Checks Out NCSSM!

Green Level is a phenomenal school, but for students who thrive academically, especially in science and mathematics, The North Carolina School of Math and Science may just be the place for you. On the contrary to what most people think, this school also has extremely talented athletics programs, but don’t just take our word for it!

NCSSM graduate Kayla Spells tells us many phenomenal things about the school: “I decided to apply because I wanted to do more in school and have the chance to take more advanced classes. I really loved NCSSM. I made some lifelong friends. Personally, it was hard having to leave because most students stay in state for school, but I moved to Philadelphia.”

Spells said that she competed at NCSSM for Science and Engineering club and got a tour which not only made her feel welcomed, but it made her want to apply. NCSSM has loads of different clubs for just about anything you can imagine. During Spells’ time there they were doing a pride parade where lots of food trucks were stationed outside and everybody was having an all-around great time regardless of sexuality. 

If this school seems too good to be true that’s probably because it is. As Spells puts it, “Most students came in with a very high SAT and ACT scores, but a good score would have to be around 1300. Your grades should also be very high. [If you’re interested,] you can go to the school’s website and there is a place to login and make an account to apply with and just fill out the application.”

So, in between Junior and Sophomore year think about applying for either residential school or online but keep in mind it is extremely competitive!