Reminder for Students!

This is the final week before Christmas break, and everyone is excited to get the extra hours of sleep and celebrate the different holidays of the season. But after the break, students will have more work to do, so in addition to relaxing, you might also use some time to prepare for all things after the break.

Some things you have to keep in mind are that quarter two is ending on January 27th, Semester 1 exams start on January 21st and end on January 27th.

First things first, quarter two is ending on January 27th, and though some might think it is a long time, but it is not that far away from now. The next thing to keep in your mind are the first semester exam because EOC, NCFE, CTE exams will be worth 20% of your grade. So it is good to prepare for your review a few weeks before, so you covered everything for your exam, and you are then able to get a better grade in the exam. Some ways you can prepare for the exam is to ask your teacher for review materials for you to review. Another way will know the topics to cover for your exams and use trusted websites like Khan Academy to study for the exams. So there are many ways to prepare for the reviews, but it all depends on the way you prefer to study, and that helps you the most to understand all the things you learned.

Over the break, have fun, but don’t forget to study!