Gators Shine on TikTok!

While our Green Level students are no Charli D’amelio, we have a shocking number of Tik Tok famous peers here! 75% of our student body not only uses it but has become addicted to the hilarious content, so today we are giving you the inside scoop on which Green Level students have a crazy amount of clout. 


Starting up with a whopping, 65k followers is Lukas Steffen! “I make a little bit of money off of it,” he tells me. You wouldn’t even know that this Sophomore was famous on the app because he doesn’t, “publicize it.” He says that Tik Tok can be for, “funny videos or it can be anything you want.” 


Mr. Rogers, a math teacher here at Green Level, also uses TikTok. “I use it for educational purposes, for the students in my class and in Green Level in general. I really only post videos that relate to students at Green Level and high schoolers in general.” We didn’t interview Mr. Rodgers just because he uses Tik Tok for positive things but mostly because as he puts it, “I would consider myself Tik Tok famous at Green Level. Make sure to drop a follow if you want goofy dances that help you remember things for school. You may even catch Mr. G in a video!


While this Tik Toker prefers to remain unknown, she gets an insane amount of views on her Tik Toks and definitely deserves a place on this list. “I got like 117k views…I also did the John Quinones thing over summer and everybody started doing it over summer and it got so famous.” Not only is this TikToker famous, but she started the What Would You Do trend!