Green Level’s Holiday Traditions


Image created by D. Khan

A graphic made by students.

As winter break comes to an end, students are beginning to shift their perspective back towards school. Trees are coming down, candles have been snuffed out, and everyone’s remembering what they did over the break. The real question is, what did they do over the break? I asked around the school to see who had some special winter traditions they’re ready to relive.

Some students brought in the season with festive foods. Freshman Victoria Plant makes cookies with her family, and Lizzie Smith shared, “My family and I make gingerbread houses from scratch, and my mother makes her delicious apple coffee cake!” The sweet treats were a popular tradition all around, with many Freshmen and Sophomores talking about baking with their families or decorating with their friends.

Another popular pastime is to travel. Students like Abbey Rukamp and Olivia Ocran are just a few of the many who visited family or old friends. Some people stayed in the country, and some set off around the world!

All in all, it seems that the student body had a great time celebrating and relaxing over break, but now we’re back! We hope you enjoyed your 2 weeks, Green Level!