Edugator of the Month: Mr. Grondziowski


S. Vargas

Mr. G!

This month we have our first Edugator, Mr. Grondziowski. He was born in Pittsburgh, PA in April of 1994; he is of Polish descent and his favorite food is pierogis. One of his hobbies is running, and he coaches the cross-country team. He also enjoys playing hockey, and plays it when he can. He told us he enjoys everything sports related.

About teaching, Mr. Grondziowski tells us that “I spend most of my time as a teacher trying to struggle through why does teaching this matter.” His commitment to making course content relevant is obvious to students, one of whom shared that “I think [Mr. Grondziowski] is a very good teacher who is able to teach good information without making it stressful for us. He is very friendly!”

We also asked Mr. Moore about Mr. Grondziowski and he said that, “He’s been so helpful, and he has a great relationship with students.” Ms. Mack, a fellow social studies teacher at Green level said that “Mr. G works great with other teachers in the department, he is helpful to students and he’s always willing to help them at lunch. He’s a great person to talk to!”

Congratulations Mr. G!