Spring Sports Tryouts


A. Kwiatek

Lacrosse team working hard at practice.

Spring workouts/tryouts have started to begin! Even the beginning of next week will open up our new sports season considering that fields have been a little wet for these teams tryouts.

Softball started up last week and has been practicing some fielding on Wednesday as the gallery of photos shows. On Monday, February 24th, there were stations set up inside the gym to practice things like batting. Ivan Oo took photos and noticed that a similar sport, but for the guys had been doing some drills too, baseball. The baseball players had been sprinting distances trying to replicate the distance between bases on the field. Coaches timed them because short bursts of energy are key to this sport. 

These aren’t the only two sports with balls working on early drills and more! Women’s lacrosse has been working hard in the day and even when it’s dark. Look at some amazing photos in our gallery taken at this first practice by our lacrosse photographer, A. Kwiatek. 

There are so many more practices and tryouts going on around this time from men’s lacrosse, track, etc. Everyone from The Gator’s Eye is excited to see our spring sports

season continue after it has had such a strong start!