The Weekly Rec


Image created by A. Guo

Asst. Editor-in-Chief, A. Guo, is back with another week of recommendations for how to fill up your free time at home.

When you can’t go outside, free time is typically more common than usual. So here are my weekly recommendations for how to use some of that time:


Reading: Recipes

I often see people posting themselves cooking and baking on social media nowadays and I completely understand. Learning a few recipes is not only a way to give yourself something delicious to eat, but it is also a life skill that you can always use and improve your overall quality of life. Even more importantly, learning how to read and follow a recipe will make you a very powerful cook. So that’s why I have been reading a bunch of mouth-watering recipes from places like Bon Appetit, Pick Up Limes, and Pinterest.


Watching: Jojo Rabbit

Directed and written by Taiki Waititi, this movie is about a boy in the Hitler Youth who finds a Jewish girl in his attic and tries to figure out what to do with his imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler. It is a comedic drama that combines opposites together to make a heartfelt movie with a powerful message. I think it brings out an important and always relevant theme that tells you how you need to think for yourself.


Listening To: Tablo Podcast

Tablo, the host of this podcast, is a Korean Canadian hip hop artist, songwriter, producer, band member of Epik High, husband, and father. In his episodes, he discusses different topics and stories from ice cream scoopers and vampires to racism and dealing with mental health problems. It is not something I have to listen to intensely, but rather something I can play in the background while painting, cleaning, or cooking. I personally also love hearing Tablo talk from the perspective of an Asian American father and parent, as I have only met a few in my entire life.


Making: Souffle Pancake 

If you have never heard of souffle pancakes, they are basically extra fluffy pancakes. The ingredients are almost identical to normal pancakes, but the extra whisking of egg whites creates a very different texture to the pancake. And although my first attempt was not visually successful, it was very tasty. 


Doing: Planting Plants

A month before we had heard stay at home orders from the state, I decided to start gardening. My mom bought a raised garden bed in which I have planted spinach and lettuce, among my mother’s green onions, garlic, and celery. Planting plants is a great way to be forced to go outside at least once every day and also make a positive impact on the environment while you are home. The feeling of seeing your plants grow is very fulfilling, and it gives you little bits of happiness which are important in a time like this.