Kyler and the Cardinals Shock the Bills


Graphic made by E. Stein

The exciting match up of the Bills and Cardinals.

E. Stein, Staff Writer

The Buffalo Bills versus the Arizona Cardinals matchup on Sunday night was one of the most exciting games that we’ve seen in a while. The whole game was filled with touchdown after touchdown after touchdown. The final score was a 32-30 in favor of the Cardinals. It was a true nail biter all the way to the end.

The Cardinals don’t have the best team this year, but they also don’t have the worst. Overall they’re pretty solid and they have a few star players to help them out. One of these players is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, Kyler Murray who has a total of 2,375 passing yards just this season. However, Murray doesn’t do it all on his own, he has star Wide Receiver, Deandre Hopkins. Hopkins has made some great catches this season and has 861 receiving yards. Hopkins deserves more than an honorable mention in this game. With almost no time left in the game, he made an incredible catch with three players from the Bills on him. It was a great pass by Kyler Murray as well, but I’d say it was more on Hopkins than Murray seeing as it was a hail mary. 

The Bills are having a pretty good season so far. The Bills have a star quarterback as well, Josh Allen. Allen is definitely a game changer for the Bills and without him they wouldn’t be doing 7-3. Allen has 2,871 passing yards this season. One of the Bill’s best wide receivers is Stefon Diggs who has 906 receiving yards. 

Both teams have some very good players and the game was super eventful. The most exciting part of the game was at the end because the Bills had a lead on the Cardinals but it was only a one touchdown difference. The Cardinals needed this touchdown to win. On the last play of the game, Kyler Murray launched a Hail Mary down the field. A Hail Mary is a long, typically unsuccessful pass made in a desperate attempt to score late in the game. Shockingly, Deandre Hopkins makes an insanely difficult catch with 3 defenders on him to win the game.