Is Daniel Jones a Bust?


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Is Daniel Jones a NFL worthy quarterback?

The Giants second year quarterback, Daniel Jones has been having a rough two years. When he is hot he can be an elite quarterback, but this article will discuss if Daniel Jones has reasons for his poor stats and play. Should he be an NFL quarterback?

The first reason that Daniel Jones should not be an NFL quarterback is that he turns the ball over too much and misses his throws too often. Daniel Jones has 25 fumbles and 21 interceptions according to Pro Football Reference, which is the most turnovers by a single player since week three of the 2019 season. Some people blame this on his receivers and him not having his best players on his side. This has resulted in a developing Daniel Jones to be forced to do more than he ever did at Duke.

Daniel Jones does not have the best receivers, however Saquon Barkley has taken a load off his back. Believe it or not, without Saquon, Jones would be the Giants leading rusher. Perhaps Daniel Jones can break out next season with a good draft and the return of Saquan Barkely, but the 2020 season seems to have turned into a lost cause for the New York Giants.