New Teacher Feature: Mrs. Gomilla


Courtesy of Mrs. Gomilla

New teacher feature of the week: Ms. Gomilla!

Hey Gators! Let’s give a warm welcome to our new Math ll Honors and Foundations of Math ll teacher, Mrs. Gomilla! This is her first year teaching at Green Level so we wanted to give her a fun opportunity to introduce herself through a Q&A. We are so excited to have her join our community so let’s learn some more about her!


Q: What are some interesting facts about you?

A: “I am ambidextrous and I backpacked throughout New Zealand.”


Q: What are your main hobbies/interests aside from teaching?

A: “I enjoy playing piano and playing card games.”


Q: Why did you decide to become a teacher, and why at Green Level specifically?

A: “I love to learn and I want to inspire others to be lifelong learners. I was drawn to Green Level because of their commitment to being an inclusive community and student excellence.”


Q: What is your favorite part about teaching? 

A: “My favorite part about teaching is boosting students’ confidence in themselves as mathematicians and as people.”


Q: What is a quote that you live by and would like to share with students?

A: “A quote I live by that I would like to share with students are ‘kind words are short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless’ ~ Mother Teresa”


Although she won’t be seeing all of our faces at school, we hope that Mrs. Gomilla has an amazing first year here! She says, “Thank you for welcoming me into this wonderful community! I’m excited to get to know everyone!”