Gators Men’s Soccer Ready to Chomp Competition

Our Gators Men’s Soccer team has started their season. Unfortunately, the Gators have had two game cancellations within the past week but we are anticipating that they are going to be able to play next Tuesday, February 2nd, versus Panther Creek. 

“Without question it stinks to not be able to play our first two games. I feel like we are prepared for pretty much anything now so i’m really proud of the boys for being dedicated and ready to play whenever we get the chance!” Braden Anghie, Junior, stated.

 Last year the Gators had a record of 3-11 in conference and 8-14 out of conference which might’ve put them in a bit of dismay but we can only hope that they will grasp a win to start off this season and maintain a favorable place moving forward.

In interviews held with varsity players, they were able to tell us how they feel about the season moving forward…

Braden Anghie, Junior

“I am stoked. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it last season due to injury so being back with the guys feels fantastic. Hoping we get a season in with all of the issues occurring.

Nicolas Pucci, Junior

“I can definitely see a major improvement in how the team is performing at practice compared to last year. I can tell that since most of us have been playing together for a year, we have great team chemistry.”

Josh Murray, Junior

“We’re all just staying ready by playing pickup games if practices get cancelled and just working on our conditioning to stay in shape whenever our names are called.

I have no doubt we’re going to be consistent. We play a lot soccer and we were a very consistent team last year sometimes it just didn’t always show up in the win column.”

Sean Townley, Sophomore

Personally, I am extremely excited about the start of the season this year as I believe that we have all improved since the end of the 19-20 season and we should be able to compete with anybody in our conference this year. We have much higher expectations for ourselves this year, and we intend to go into every match expecting a win.

I think that as a team, we have a very strong mentality and will not let any of the cancelations affect us. We simply hope to play as much soccer as we can, and we know that when we get a chance to prove ourselves, we will be at our best. Expect great things from us this year!”

As you can see the men’s soccer team is ready to hit the ground running and is prepared for the uncertain dilemmas that this season has to offer. Go Gators!