The Lunar New Year


E. Nguyen

Steamed Soup Dumplings Nestled On Cabbage

Although there is a tendency to welcome the new year with foods like black eye peas for finding fortune, there are different ones elsewhere for folks celebrating the Lunar New Year. These traditions are being approached to bring in better luck for the new year. 


First and foremost are soup dumplings. They resemble gold and the more individuals enjoy them, the more likely they are to reap in lucrative benefits afterwards. 


In second place are broiled fish. As a shared dish, they represent family cohesion. In third place are egg noodles. Their lengths translate to longevity in life. 


In third place is jasmine rice, a staple in many meals. Their elasticity after being cooked and ready for consumption signifies loved ones being together. In fifth place are garlic cloves. 


Their aromatic smell blows away the air where misfortune floats and lingers around. In sixth place are barbecue delicacies. They are associated with promise for positivity and vibrant vibes. 


In seventh place are sticky rice balls. Served as delicious desserts, they house a luscious, soft, and sweet red bean custard in the middle to complement the crispy rice layer. 


Their circular shapes foreshadow nothing but sheer smoothness ahead. Last but not least are citrus fruits. Their glossy glow indicates how bright futures await.