Anxious About School? Upperclassmen Have Advice!


Get some advice from your juniors and seniors!

If you somehow weren’t aware, this is the first year where Green Level has a senior class. It’s also the first time where students are coming from over a year of primarily virtual education. Jumping into a new high school is tricky enough without the adjustment from online classes to in-person learning, so I talked to our upperclassmen about their best pieces of advice for high school.

Senior Laura May offers a tip to new students. “Build great relationships with your teachers so you can have great recommendations for college applications,” she says. Even though college might seem far away, it is never too early to start connecting with the staff members you know. They’ll help you in the future, whether that’s through recommendations, tutoring, or just general advice.

Junior Megan Miller shares her own words of wisdom. “Take care,” she says. “High school can be very stressful and even sometimes painful. It’s okay to take a break from social media and take time to yourself.” New students–and even old ones who spent the online portion of class procrastinating–may struggle with their workloads. Megan promises that self-care makes that load much lighter.  

Almost every underclassman is itching to get behind the wheel and onto the road, and senior Mina Bayraktar encourages them not to wait. “Take Driver’s Ed ASAP. Your course load and extracurriculars will get much more serious,” she warns students. “Also, the process may take longer than you expect.” Junior Karisma Khara shares another piece of car-related advice. “Get to school ten minutes early–the carpool lines are insane,” she says. Not only do you skip the rush, but coming to school early gives you a chance to ask teachers questions and finish up work.

Megan and Mina aren’t the only students trying to protect their underclassmen from an overwhelming workload. “Don’t take too many AP classes at once,” says senior student Laura Mae. Junior Ruby Waibel gives similar advice. “Sign up for classes you think you’ll enjoy, even if they aren’t Honors or AP,” she adds. Many other students had similar advice about not getting over-excited and jumping into challenging classes you can’t handle. Know what you’re capable of and manage your time wisely to stay on top of these courses. 

Although this school year may be challenging, the students and staff want to make the transition easier for everyone. Trust in their advice, do your best, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. We can get through this year!