Is Celsius Really Good for You?


Celsius energy drinks are gaining popularity among students. Photo by L. Willis.

Celsius drinks are the new big thing! They have several varieties of their popular energy drink: Celsius, Celsius Heat, Celsius BCAAS, Celsius-Stevia, Celsius On-The-Go. But are these fast selling energy drinks are really good for you? Let’s find out. 

Celsius claims that their company “stands out against other brands because it’s made with healthier ingredients such as ginger, guranna, green tea and 7 essential vitamins.” Not only do they say what they include, but what they don’t include. Their drinks, “Contain no sugar, no aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.” Celsius is also vegan friendly, gluten free, and non GMO. On the same site, they include 6 case studies on your metabolic response to Celsius. All of these studies prove that Celsius improves your workout, helps you lose weight, and increases energy. So far, so good… but the problem is your daily limit. The serving size is one can. If you exceed what the serving size is, over time there could be some health issues. You could experience headaches, digestive issues, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, and an increase in blood pressure. 

“When combined with exercise, CELSIUS helps your body burn more calories and body fat which has been clinically proven in 6 published university studies,” The company says in their ESG Report. All of the outcomes are very good. 

They are very impressive. Their ingredients are healthy and their movement to promote fitness is inspiring. Overall, Celsius is a very healthy energy drink if consumed in moderation.