Gator Golfers Taking the Course by Storm

Last Thursday 9/12, the Green Level  Women’s Golf Team took over the Prestonwood Golf Course! Maddie Linares recorded the lowest score for Green Level. She agreed to talk with us about the mechanics of golf, the way the team functions, and her role in the last match. 

Green Level may not have won the match, but Maddie is optimistic for the future. “I think we definitely could have done better. I think we will do better, as the season progresses,” she says. For a team consisting of mostly freshman Maddie thinks that the team did very well.

For students who haven’t played golf before, Maddie explained her sport. She says that golfers have different clubs for different holes. You rest the golf ball on a toothpick-like tee and swing it with the correct club. The goal is to get the ball into the hole in the minimum number of hits, so in golf, the lowest score wins. 

As for the team, it consists of Elissa Falick, Ava Heaton, Madelyn Linares, Bella Smith, and Keerthana Venparala. They came in third place out of five teams from the Tri-8 Conference. “We work together… helping each other,” Maddie says. If one of us is struggling at a swing, we teach each other. We can produce a good score to hopefully win.”

The golfers are hardworking, talented, and fantastic athletes to represent our school. We can’t wait to watch them when they take the course next!