Senior Year at the Swamp


Seniors celebrate returning to the swamp for their last year. Image from Pexels.

In modern-day society, we spend a great part of our inaugural stages as humans learning the ways of life at a place called the school; we study, learn, socialize, collaborate, and have fun here. Our last year at school, senior year is one of the most important years of our high school lives. Many students at the Green Level have spent more time outside of GLHS than we have inside due to COVID. We are truly grateful and lucky to have a senior year where we can have a good final year at school. 

Nick Jung is a senior here at Green Level High School. Nick spent his first year at Panther Creek High school, his second year at Green Level (which unfortunately was shorted due to COVID), his junior year virtually, and finally came back to the swamp for his senior year. 

Senior year has been great for Nick as he has gotten support from the teachers for his final year of his grade school education. Nick says senior year feels different than his other years in high school because his teachers are supporting him by strategically organizing his mindset to well prepare him for his later years in education.

Now, to get a perspective from one of our freshman students, we have Lachlan Perkin’s opinions on the year.

Q: How has your first semester in high school treated you?

A: Green Level has been a great learning experience stepping into a more independent learning environment. The construct and system of learning is nothing like I had ever seen before, missing out on two years of middle school. This is a big jump for me and my friends. 

Tyke Durst, another senior at Green Level, shares his feelings.

Q: How has your senior year been different from your other experiences in high school?

A: I have been able to communicate better with my teachers, as well as with counselors that help me guide my way through the school year, and I have also had great support from my peers in enjoying my final days here at Green Level High School.

Tyler Cohen, a football-playing senior at GLHS, says this year has treated him great. Being a senior, he feels he has done a lot of hard work over the past years and now believes he can sit back and enjoy his final year of school here at Green Level. “I have enjoyed my time here, making tons of new friends and playing with a lot of my brothers out there on the field. Green Level has given me nothing but the best and helped me with tons throughout my life outside of school,” says Tyler.

Overall, the seniors here at the swamp have enjoyed their time. Despite being in a pandemic, we are still able to learn in a safe and fun environment.