Gators Fall to Middle Creek


On Tuesday night, through the rain and cold, The Gators suffered their first loss of the season to Middle Creek.

The first three quarters were neck and neck, with both teams scoring huge goals and making great saves. Going into the fourth quarter, the score was 7-4, closer than anyone had expected, with Middle Creek barely in the lead. Unfortunately, in the fourth quarter, Middle Creek managed to pull away, scoring fast-paced goals every opportunity they got. By the end of the game, the score was 16-5, a hard-fought game from both sides.

I interviewed Gus Maggio who had 3 goals and one assist, making him the top scorer of the game for Green Level.

You suffered your first tough loss of the season, how do you feel the team’s mindset was going into the game compared to after the game?

“Prior to the game, we were expecting to put up a fight, and just go out there and play our game hopefully coming out with a big win. We weren’t discouraged after the game, we just have to improve some minor things.”

You were the highest scorer for this game, what did you do personally to prepare for this game?

“I went shooting on my own, took some time thinking, relaxing, and clearing my mind.”

How is the team planning to bounce back from this loss and beat Apex on Friday?

“We learned some things in this game, we have to finish the ball better, play as a team, work on fundamentals, keep doing what we were doing but hopefully put the ball in the back of the cage.”