Gators During Spring: Spring Break Plans


GLHS students have lots of plans for their week off! Graphic by D. Khan

With spring break only a few days away, many Gators are eager for their week away from school. It’s been a long time since our last proper break, so students are already making plans and getting ready for some (mostly) relaxing days off. I talked to various GLHS students about their plans for the upcoming week. 

According to a survey, about 62% of GLHS students, including Cece Ford, Srikar Desemsetti, and Megan Miller, will be traveling during their break. Some of these students, such as senior Laura Norman, are traveling out of state. Laura’s visiting Atlanta on a college visit, but other students, such as Mady and Emelie, are traveling solely for fun. Mady is heading to Disneyworld, and Junior Emelie is ready for her trip to D.C. And some students, such as senior Aida Guo, plan to travel even further–Aida’s heading to Germany!

Others, such as junior OJ Holmes, plan to stay more local and hit the beach instead. Jamie Lanzen is also excited to head to the outer banks; she’s planned a trip to Emerald Isle. Other students have shared plans in Charlotte, Asheville, or Wilmington, showing that you don’t need to travel far to have a fun-filled spring break.

Not everyone is traveling this Spring, especially with AP Exams and class finals looming ominously over their heads. Junior’s Dakshayani Nimma and Aarna Prashant are two of many who are spending their time studying for the exams, although neither are thrilled about the prospect. On the other hand, students like Senior Neda Celik are looking forward to a chance to chill out and relax away from classes. Tyler and Maren are two more students excited to stay right where they are–while Tyler’s ready to work on his youtube videos, Maren’s looking forward to hanging out with her friends. 

No matter how Gators spend their time off, we hope they’ll find some time to enjoy themselves and unwind before final exams. Enjoy your spring break!