Celsius VS Baya


Which energy drink is better?

One of the most popular energy drinks is Celsius. The drink rose in popularity as it claims to be very good for you, (Read more on this topic here: Is Celsius Really Good For You? ). Starbucks recently released a new line of energy drinks, Baya, a drink made with a naturally found ingredient, coffee fruit. This drink also claims to be good for you, as it contains Vitamin C to help your immune system. In this article, we tried the two energy drinks.  


Lily: The Baya drink tastes like an honest juice box. It had a good flavor and it was not too sweet. The packaging was very pretty and made me want to buy the drink. My overall rating on this drink is 8/10. 

Jade: The Baya drink is too watered down. It has a similar taste to the Honest fruit punch juice boxes. I rate it a 6/10.

Claire: 7/10, tastes like a fruit punch drink from the honest juice boxes.



Lily: It was too sweet for me. It tasted like a peach ring and mountain dew. The packaging on the can was okay, it wasn’t too fancy. The overall rating is 6.7/10.

Jade: Celsius has a great flavor and a good amount of carbonation. I rate it a 10/10.

Claire: if a jolly rancher and peach ring were combined to make a drink!


After our reviews of the differing drinks, Claire and Lily believe that Baya by Starbucks is the better energy drink. Even though Baya might be better tasting, is it better for you? Stay tuned for a new article on if Baya by Starbucks is good for you. 

Jade on the other hand disagrees. She believes Celsius has a better flavor and carbonation. 

All in all, the drinks were giving us different varieties of tastes and opinions. Is baya better than Celsius? Who knows, guess you will have to try it for yourself to see.