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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Love Story


Two of the biggest names in popculture have formed an unlikely connection and the internet is on overdrive about it. Taylor Swift, internationally known popstar and Travis Kelce, star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, are rumored to be starting a celebrity relationship like none other. 

Their love story began with Travis Kelce’s almost failed attempt to get her attention. Travis attended one of Taylor’s Eras Tour concerts in Kansas City. 

Kelce remarks, “If you’re up on Taylor Swift concerts, there are friendship bracelets and I had received a bunch of them, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number on it.” But, unfortunately for the two-time super bowl winner, Swift declined to meet him as a means to save her voice for the concert. 

But, the star tight end did not stop there. Kelce appeared on the, “The Pat McAfee Show” and told the story of how he gave it another shot. 

Kelce said, “I told her that I’ve seen her rock a stage in Arrowhead and she might have to come see me rock the stage at Arrowhead,” The quite ambitious and confident invitation really showcases his persistence. And this time, Swift accepted. 

So, in the Kansas City stadium on Sunday September 24th where the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Chicago Bears, we saw their love story begin. The popstar was seen in a suite right next to Travis Kelce’s mom. Although this is the first time the two have met, they were seen laughing and cheering throughout the game. Taylor’s presence in the stadium was felt by almost everyone. Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes sure felt the pressure to perform well with his trusty tight end. 

Mahomes says, “I think he [Travis Kelce] wanted to get in the end zone just as much as all the swifties wanted him to. I heard she was in the house… I felt a little bit of pressure and then so I knew I had to get it to Trav.” And Mahome’s efforts were a success. Kelce ran a creative route and scored a touchdown, Swift looked so thrilled and excited as she jumped up and down for him.

The Chiefs defeated the Chicago Bears 41-10 that night, and Travis Kelce did not celebrate alone. The twelve time grammy winner and the two time super bowl champion were seen walking out of Arrowhead Stadium together. The two seem almost perfect together as Swift was rocking red and white colors to support the Chiefs, and Kelce was strutting in a 1989 inspired suit. The festivities did not end here, Entertainment Tonight confirms that Kelce rented out an entire restaurant in Kansas City for his family, friends, teammates, and of course Taylor. 

Although the internet doesn’t know what’s next for these two celebrities, there sure are hopes for what their future holds. Fans on social media are astounded by all the ironic coincidences that surround this couple. Detailing Swifts line in her song, Fifteen, “In your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team” An even more bewildering, a line in Taylor’s “Mary’s Song” she says, “And I’ll be eighty-seven, you’ll be eighty-nine” as if she knew she would one day be wearing Travis Kelce’s number (87) and he’d be wearing a suit inspired by her album 1989. 

No matter the rhyme or reason for these coincidences, their relationship has struck not only the popculture world but also the football fanbases. Taylor is rumored to also attend the Chiefs’ next game at the New York Jets. Consequently, ticket sales have escalated dramatically. The Jets have sold more tickets for this upcoming game against the Chiefs in a single day than all season. USA Today details a few more statistics. Travis Kelce’s jersey sales have increased 400 percent and he’s gained about 250,000 more Instagram followers. 

The Chiefs game that Swift attended “brought in 24.3 million total viewers, the most-watched NFL broadcast of the week on any network.” 

Bill Belichick said it best on his appearance on The Greg Hill Show, “I would say that Travis Kelce has had a lot of big catches in his career. This would be the biggest.” That being said, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will go down in history as one of the most influential and viral celebrity relationships.

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